SF80 Radiant Heater

80,000 BTUs

MSRP: $2,399 (CAD)

SUNFIRE SF80 Portable Radiant Heater 80,000 BTU indoor/Outdoor Dual Fuel Diesel/Kerosene.

  • Diesel/Kerosene Fuel
  • Heats up to 1900 sq. ft.
  • 6 Gallon Tank
  • Up to 10 hour run times
  • Made in the USA
  • No Fumes
  • No Headaches
Where to Buy
Rapid Access Hatch min
rapid access 1

Allows quick access to the nozzle assembly making tune-ups and maintenance ultra-fast and easy.

This advanced system is another reason why SUNFIRE offers the ultimate heating experience. 

Thermostat Capability

The SF80 is wired for optional thermostat use. you can use any standard mechanical or battery-operated wall thermostat of your choice. Do not use a thermostat requiring 120V of power to operate.


Thermostat not included.


The SF80 offers extreme portability with its small width footprint at only 19.75″.This heater can fit through any size door.

The unique design of the tube frame makes it comfortable to grip, lift, and transport to any location.

SF80 Dimensions Icon

360° View

We’ve engineered the SF120 with precision and for your convenience.

Check out every angle of this exceptionally awesome radiant heater.


BTU/Hr 80,000
Fuel Diesel, Kerosene, #2 Fuel Oil  
Tank Capacity: 6 Gallons
Run Time Approx. 10 Hrs
Flow Rate (GPH) .58 For Diesel/#2 Fuel Oil
.56 For Kerosene Fuel
Dimensions/Weight 28″L x 19.75″W x 28.1”H.
Dry Weight: 80 lbs.
Wet Weight (Full Tank): 127 lbs.
Electrical Requirements: 120V .5A 60HZ
12V Pure Sine Power Inverter (800W Minimum)
Thermostat Option: Use any standard mechanical or battery operated wall thermostat.
Do not use a thermostat requiring 120V of power such as a smart thermostat.
Thermostat not included.
Warranty 2-Year Bumper to Bumper Limited Warranty
UL Listed Yes (US and Canada)
Where Manufactured USA - Janesville, WI
Important Safety Information Minimum Clearance To Combustible Surfaces:
Front: 84”
Right Side: 36”
Left Side: 36”
Back: N/A
* Not for indoor use in household residence.
* Proper ventilation is required during operation.


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